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Feb 26, 2014 6:00am PST
as only capitol hill can deliver. a tax code reform plan gets trashed before it even gets officially revealed. oh, washington in the 21st century. good morning from another snowy washington. sorry, we're whining about the weather, but good grief. we're done. groundhog, go ahead. it's wednesday, february 26th, 2014. and another version of the snowy "the daily rundown." the first reads of the morning. we begin in afghanistan. it's the longest war in history and it suddenly may come to an abrupt end, just ten months from now. the white house announced planning for the zero option, withdrawing all troops by year's end. in a phone call with karzai, president obama said the u.s. had no choice due to karzai's failure to sign onto plans that would protect u.s. personnel that would stay in the country post-2014. nbc's jim miklaszewski has just travelled to afghanistan, and he has more from the head of the joint chiefs, general martin dempsey. >> it is a statement that we have reached a point where we have to plan for other options, to include a complete withdrawal by the end of 2014. but it's
Feb 28, 2014 6:00am PST
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Mar 4, 2014 6:00am PST
.5 million, that's how many would get a tax break, expanding the earned income tax credit for low-income americans who don't have kids and help more families pay for child care. the president would kill two loopholes, for capital gains, the other known as the newt gingrich loophole, which allows people to treat income like corporate profits. on this budget, the big number, as in how much money the government is going to spend over the next two years, that's been agreed to. this is an argument over how to spend that money. >>> next up, 8, as in the gang of eight senators who are getting an award from the largest hispanic civil rights group. it's recognizing immigration reform. the house hasn't budged on the issue. will the group of eight all show up together and accept the award? that's interesting. 60-second ad going after house republicans, by the way, for failing to bring the bill to the floor. showing you a little highlight there. deep freeze, 90.5%, that's how much of all of the great lakes are covered in ice. noaa released this map, showing the vast cold cover. that's the mos
Mar 3, 2014 6:00am PST
, a cause greater than themselves. >> read my lips -- no new taxes. >> if you give us a chance, we can perform. after all, ginger rogers did everything that fred astaire did. she just did it backwards and in high heels. >> i just love the fact that everybody, particularly in the media, goes bonkers over the town hall. i guess it's because you lose your right to tell them what they think. the point is they'll get to decide what to think. >> tonight, the state of the union is strong and together we will make it stronger. >> well, let me just ask you, are you better off today than you were $4 trillion ago? >> that's just in the modern era here from sam houston to ted cruz, it seems that texas has had more than its share of notable politicians making national headlines. and for good reason, it's one of the most consequential states in the nation. they went for democrats in almost every election. eisenhower and nixon were the only republicans to win the state in that time period. the state was run by conservative white democrats. but as the democratic party moved to the left, the republican
Feb 27, 2014 6:00am PST
together, and dave will come out with a tax deal. >> thank you for having me talk about eating disorders and food news as a component of today's problem. joe, if it's way too early, what time is it? >> it's "morning joe." stick around now, because we have chuck todd and "the daily rundown" straight ahead. have a good day. >> thank you, joe! >>> a brewing backlash comes to an end. arizona's governor vetoes a bill that would have allowed businesses to refuse service to gays and lesbians. the decision was widely cheered, but is this still more scar tissue for a state and a party that can't afford it? >>> plus, an executive initiative. it may shape the rest of president obama's post-white house life. we're going to talk to senior white house advisor valerie jaret about his push to help young men of color. >>> also this morning, ukraine's ousted leader surfaces in russia to say he's still in charge. as pro-russian gunmen take over government buildings and raise the russian flag in crimea. >>> good morning from washington. it's thursday, february 27th, 2014. this is "the daily rundown." a pack
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5